Wednesday, July 7, 2010

{Be Fabulous}

{This is a picture of a woman about to be naked in a national park}

Do you ever just feel old? The status of motherhood heaped upon your shoulders, you may feel less of a woman and more of an indentured servant? Sometimes I will refrain from doing or saying things, because as a mom I need to set a better example.

That is why, at every chance you get, you should do something extraordinary.

While on vacation, several of my cousins decided it would be fun to go bridge jumping. I do not like heights, falling, or becoming paralyzed so I decided against it. Unfortunately for me, as I stood there watching my cousins hurl themselves off the bridge into the water I began to get that "old" sinking feeling from the depths of my bowels. I had to jump. Yes it was hard, yes it took me about ten minutes of standing on the edge making others jump before me, but I jumped into the frigged water of the Snake river and came up feeling awesome. When I emerged from the water my grandpa said "there is the mother of the year right there."

Why didn't I want to take the chance in the first place? Why would I think that becoming a mom would exclude me from such ridiculousness? I was using it as an excuse to prohibit myself from reaching to places that I didn't think I could anymore.

Which is why three days later I found myself standing on a rock in Yellowstone National Park absolutely naked.

After the jump, I found a desire to go beyond my comfort zone and try things that I'd always wanted to do, but decided I was too afraid. My sister and cousins invited me to Mystic falls to go skinny dipping. I'll spare you the details but know that I absolutely did it and I have never felt better doing something illegal in my whole life. Sure, I was afraid I would get swept up in the currant and my naked body would go over the waterfall, sure I was afraid that someone would steal my clothes, or I would get partially eaten by a bear, but I thought to myself, "someday I want my daughter to know that her mom wasn't afraid to take risks, to do something new."

So there you have it, two things I thought I'd never do were done in the period of a week. It was dangerous, it was glorious.

What would you do if you weren't afraid?


  1. Way to go! I have felt that way sometimes too ~ glad to know that you have the courage to still do some adventurous things. Makes me think I can do it too ;)