Thursday, August 19, 2010


My one and only recently had her first birthday party. It was great. There was cake, swimming, crying, and all the wonderful cliches that go along when you are celebrating a first birthday. My previous experiences with birthday parties was limited to my own, which meant that birthdays were fun, included good food, and lots of presents. I was surprised at what a different experience the celebration was from a mother's point of view.

First of all--there we a lot of tears the week before the actual birthday. Not from Hannah, but from me. It was a time of reflection. I thought about everything I'd learned, how far she had come, all the happiest memories, and most importantly--how very blessed I am to have her as my daughter. I found myself a little sad, knowing that I could never go back and capture each moment all over again.

I began to think that there were so many "firsts" that had been so exciting and wonderful to experience. Her first laugh, her first solid foods, her first steps...all wonderful monumental moments in time. I started feeling the reality of how fleeting those precious moments are, and felt a little sad. I thought to myself "there are not many firsts left to experience." Quickly after this foolish thought I corrected myself. I started thinking of all the "Firsts" I was going to experience: The first book she reads, her first day of school, her first kiss...I realized that we live in an ever evolving state. I have experienced firsts just as recently as Hannah had.

I realized that without firsts, we are stuck. We are constantly experiencing the world renewed, that is how we are educated, that is how we are defined.

I'm grateful to be able to have wonderful memories of the firsts Hannah has already experienced. I'm looking forward for many more firsts.

What "First" have you recently experienced? What is your favorite "First" of your children? (My personal favorite first was when she laughed for the first time. I've never had another moment in my life to compare to the first time when Hannah showed outward joy).


  1. I love this post! I am enjoying my first baby! I feel like all his firsts are mine too! We are learning and growing together in this crazy thing called parenthood! :) I love it! It's cool how much joy their firsts can be as a parent!

  2. Firsts are wonderful!! I was today reflecting on a recent first- Gracie's first haircut. It happened a few weeks ago and it was a big deal to me (which is probably why it took until she was nearly 2 1/2 to do it). Right now it doesn't mean anything to her, but maybe down the road she'll look at those little curls I saved and think of this first in her life.