Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fathers and Sons: Part 2

When my husband was 4 years old, he didn't really have a father in his life. His parents were divorced and living in different states. That is when he met his dad, Terry. Terry knew that when he married his wife, he was becoming a father. Terry has never treated Adam, or his brother Austin, any differently than his other children. He adopted him happily, and then raised a wonderful man. He taught him how to take care of things around the house and work on cars. As a high school teacher, then administrator, Terry influenced Adam to seek his Education degrees.

Adam often says that the best thing his mom ever did for him, was to marry Terry and give him a father. Terry continues to be a wonderful father, father in law, and grandfather even as he serves our country in Camp Buehring, Kawait.

For years I've loved this song, but when I married Adam it became especially relevant. This is Terry's song.

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