Saturday, June 5, 2010

I am Mommy! Hear me ROOAAAARRR

Today I did something amazing. I shaved my legs, while nursing my sweet baby.

It made me start to think about the things mommies do for their kids, the way their bodies have to be available at all times for comfort, nourishment, and care. It also got me thinking about how many times I find myself on my knees during the day, caring for my little girl whether it is fixing her hair, changing a diaper, picking her up after a fall, cleaning up after a spill etc. I don't know if it was designed this way, but it serves as a reminder to pray in gratitude for my healthy child, and for the strength to get up off the floor and continue through the day, teaching her, loving her, caring for her.

Before I had a baby, I couldn't fathom the physical toll it would take on my body. I am constantly running around, chasing, bending, stretching, lifting, carrying, etc. It made me grateful for pregnancy which was at times very difficult. They say that which does not kill us only makes us stronger and I feel stronger (and a little more tired) as a mom having gone through pregnancy.

By design, mothers have strong hearts, strong bodies, and strong minds. We may not feel it at the time, but we are called to do hard things and bear heavy burdens. Recognize that within yourself today. Remember what Miss Molly told her son, "I am capable of hard things, and so are you."

Have you ever been faced with a difficult challenge but felt strength because you knew as a mother you had to do it?

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  1. Yes! Watching my baby go through the stomach flu. Holding her even though I knew I was going to get covered at any instant. Also - having to pump and feed my second baby with a bottle for two months before I was able to nurse her again. Yay for mommies!