Monday, May 24, 2010

Mommy Profile: Bree

"I think with all the chaos that happens in life, especially as a mom of multiples, it's easy to lose sight of the tiny things that make you happy. Life doesn’t make you content with huge moments but rather the little ones that make up your everyday life. I try to be the best mom I can, but I also take time figure out who I am as a person. Having my own company and my Etsy shop helps me feel passion and vigor. All these elements combined with the little things are what make me happy.”

Meet Bree: Wife, Mother, Student, Entrepreneur

I first met Bree back in the good old days of Jr. High. She is one of the most sincere, kind people I’ve ever known. She is also an amazing, talented woman. I asked her to introduce herself and give a little idea of what life is like for a mom of MULTIPLES!

Hi my name is Bree! I live in Calgary Alberta Canada. I am currently finishing my business degree online at Brigham Young University-Idaho. I am married to Brandon-one of the funniest, smartest, kindest man alive. I own an event planning company called MOD Events and Co. I love to create for my Etsy shop CoCoRoseCouture. I am also a mom to three beautiful kids- fraternal twin boys Greyson and Harrison and three month old Chloe. At one point I had three under two.

Bree has her hands full with these kids! To give an idea of what a given day is like as a mom to twin toddlers and a newborn she sent me her schedule. It includes four and a half hours of feeding/preparing food (and about five minutes of eating). An average of 10 diaper changes, 24 hours of praying, laundry, cleaning, refereeing, and running intervention. It takes one hour to leave the house from the time she puts CoCo in her car seat, pumps some milk, searches the house for four pairs of shoes, packs six diapers, snacks, bottles, and snaps in two (sometimes unwilling) toddlers in their seat, get a DVD going for them, and getting Chloe strapped in and then it takes another ten minutes at each stop to get the kids in and out of the car, into strollers. While she is out she struggles to find her debit cards (shuffled and lost by the boys), keep the kids entertained, and fed. She is grateful to make it out alive.

Luckily there is naptime. Bree takes about a five minute rest and then starts making necklaces for her Etsy shop, checking orders, answering emails, ordering flowers for events. There is time for possibly studying and doing homework. Moms have to work very quickly to get everything in that they need to do. Another load of laundry is started.

Luckily, Bree has a great husband who comes home from work and immediately kicks into daddy mode. While Brandon is home, Bree is able to continue to work on her studies, create beautiful necklaces and accessories for her shop, and work on her business. They also spend time together- Brandon is essential for Bree’s sanity.

Bree the Referee:

At Home: “At 8:20 I broke up my first fight over their little shopping cart that they both desperately want to have- even thought there is another one right next to it- same exact one- they always want what the other brother has.”

While out shopping: “Greyson sees the toy cars in the aisle (not good) and starts to cry. I switch him with Harrison who cries because I made him sit in the stroller. Now have 2 screaming toddlers in the store they are so loud they wake up CoCo. Luckily I'm prepared with the bottle. I hold the bottle and Greyson’s hand in the checkout line as I push the stroller up and down.”

Running Interference:I have to double check all the door handles in the house to make sure the baby locks are on tight. The boys figured out if one stands on top of the other, they can get the child locks off if they are loose. I make sure my computer is locked and put away and the Chloe is under her mobile in her room so they can’t get to her. Then I take a shower.”

The point is, she has crazy days. Happily, there are amazing moments that find their place amid the chaos. Some of these include watching her boys hug each other, giggling as they jump on the bed. Harrison wanting to comb his hair like Mommy. The boys loving CoCo with a kiss, knowing that Greyson knows what a candy bar looks like, Harrison getting excited when he sees cars, holding sweet Chloe and watching her watch Mommy, affection from Brandon, feeling sunshine after a cold Canadian winter, a husband who will let her escape with friends while he watches the kids and of course-- donning 80’s clothes and rollerblading to blasting music at a friend’s birthday party.

So the next time you see a mom with her hands full with kiddos--think of Bree enjoying the journey!

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  1. Go Bree! I can only imagine just how busy you are with twin boys! I just had our first boy and BOY is he a BOY- all over, in to everything, and very daring too. Our twin girls are very different from that - loving, neat, clean, girly...Like I said - I can only imagine! :) Keep up the hard work :)