Tuesday, May 18, 2010

{This Little Piggy went to Market}

Calling all working Moms:

I don't feel like I have enough experience on working outside the home while being a mother to blog about it. I would feel like a hypocrite. I worked full time for only the first 5 months of my baby's life and honestly, much of it is a blur. I need a mom to help blog once a month.

For this month however, I will share a story from when I was working. My awesome brother in law Addison was so wonderful to move in with us and care for my baby full time while I was finishing up student teaching. I am so grateful for this but I have to share this story from my personal blog:

I decided to come home for lunch...something I NEVER do but my student teaching friend was out sick so I didn't want to eat alone. I go home and park out front because I was just coming home for a minute and knock on the door...no answer.

Hmmm...I decided to use my key to get in and entered with a "Hello?" I walked upstairs to see Hannah entertaining herself on Addison's bed.

Addison was on his computer with his hood pulled up over his head and headphones on...you know...the big gigantic ones that ensure you can drowned out the sound of anything...like a crying baby.

I said "umm Hellooooo" and Hannah giggled, delighted to see her mommy. No response from Uncle Addi. So I did the only thing I could...I kidnapped my daughter.

We didn't go far...just downstairs until Addison figured out his client was missing. After ten minutes I started to get concerned. How long had he been on the computer...how long would he be on the computer? My daughter had just been kidnapped and he was playing video games. I let another five minutes pass and decided to text him.

Every once in a awhile I'll text Addison while I'm at school wanting a picture of my little angel. So I texted him "Picture please?"

It took another few minutes before I finally heard some shuffling upstairs. It sounded like someone was searching for someone or something in the bed area.

I heard him sneaking slowly down the stairs and peak his head around the corner.

There we sat. Hannah with a big grin on her face (I think she knew we were playing a game) and me looking incredulous.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YOU SCARED THE HECK OUT OF ME!" Addison shouted as he came down the stairs. "I thought their was an intruder in the house."

It was pretty epic. Addison, I fear, will never forgive me. I'll certainly never forget it.

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