Saturday, May 22, 2010

When did you have "The Moment?"

In passing you always here those stories of moms in grocery stores, on airplanes, or at functions when their kids act up and the mom is put in the spotlight. How is she going to react to this disorderly child?

I had my

For the most part my darling daughter is a great baby--exceptional really. She doesn't cry if she is hungry or hurting but she has no tolerance for being tired and will act like any baby in a seemingly desperate situation.

Last night she was so tired and worked herself up so bad that she couldn't fall to sleep until 1am. For a girl who is used to getting 11 hours a night--5 just didn't cut it. She was really sick in the morning, still in good spirits but threw up five times throughout the day.

One of these moments of glory happened at the beautiful baby shower of one of my dearest friends. I was trying to wrangle her and eat when all of a sudden she threw up on the carpet. I went through so many emotions in a matter of a second, worry, shock, embarrassment, confusion--I didn't know what to do. I jumped up and first of all took care of Hannah. I wiped up her little outfit and her face and gave her a drink and a hug making sure she was ok. Then, I sprang in to action armed only with water, napkins, and wipes. I cleaned it up really good and then went back to Hannah.

Remarkably, we were in the corner so not many people witnessed it. I caught my friend's eye and half mouthed, half whispered "she threw up." Suddenly one of the girls at the table sprung up and said "This is my moms house, you need something to clean that up for real." Initially I was a little shocked at the way she snapped at me, but it was so quick I didn't know if I imagined the accusatory tone in her voice. I said "yes that would be great," and waited.

A second later, she is standing in the kitchen with a friend pointing to me, gesturing as if Hannah threw up all over, and getting out cleaning supplies. The friend she was talking to looked to me and rolled her eyes. Then she marched over and as I thanked her she said "In my house we don't allow shoes or food in carpeted area so that we can avoid things like this." As if I schemed the whole thing. As if I wasn't humiliated enough.

So when have you had the humiliating moment, when everything out of your control was your fault?

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  1. I'm sure I've had plenty but my mind is merciful enough to block them out for me! As I thought back, I remembered a minor one that happened last month. We had been traveling to get to Idaho- a 6 hour drive that took close to 9. Then Gracie stayed up late playing with cousins and didn't sleep well at my brother's house and then woke up too early. After that sleepless night we got back in the car to go to Utah for my sister's wedding. We got there just in time to get changed and go to the rehearsal ceremony as requested by my sister. We waited and waited for things to get going and they didn't. All the time trying to entertain a restless and tired 2 year old and keep the baby happy.
    When it was time for the ceremony everyone was there but still waiting because my sister's dress had been forgotten! So more waiting and entertaining the children, at least Gracie could run around a little. Then time for the ceremony and she refused to sit down and ran away every chance she got. We got her seated, through bribery of fruit snacks, and things went well...until the bride and groom were in front taking their vows. She made a break for it and ran right up front and stopped in front of the bride and groom! Time froze and I couldn't do anything to fix it. If I went up there I would make things worse, but people were starting to stare and something had to be done. Luckily my mom was on the front row and grabbed Gracie who was happy to be with grandma. Since it happened at a wedding it was forgotten by all when the groom said his vows to my sister and made everyone cry! It doesn't change the mortification I felt that my child almost ruined the ceremony though!!